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What are hours of Walmart Pharmacy, page will provide information about the visiting hours of Walmart Pharmacy Monday through Sunday. What is the closing and opening time for the local Walmart Pharmacy? How long are WalMart Pharmacy opening and closing times your area this moment?

Walmart’s cheap prices are usually what first pops up to the mind. The Walmart Pharmacy your area offers affordable and convenient prescription services, similar to many other Walmart locations. It is possible to save money on generic and brand name medications by using the Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy. You’ll also be informed that prescriptions are now available for pick-up or delivery. Utilize this table to locate your medication at the appropriate date and time.

Monday9 AM – 9 Pm
Tuesday9 AM – 9 Pm
Wednesday9 AM – 9 Pm
Thursday9 AM – 9 Pm
Friday9 AM – 9 Pm
Saturday9 AM – 7 Pm
Sunday10 AM – 6PM

Marketplace Pharmacy is open during the week. The weekend hours are less: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. at most Walmart pharmacies. Walmart Hours for pharmacy on Sundays and Saturdays will last between 2 and 4 hours more than the hours on days of the week. Walmart Pharmacy opens Saturday at 9 a.m. it closes 7:05 p.m. Sundays, Pharmacy is closed at 6 p.m. This table should give an indication of regular pharmacy opening hours.

What time Does Walmart Pharmacy Open?

Walmart Pharmacy hours preferably open at 9 am Mondays through to Saturdays. The routine pretty much remains the same.

However, some Walmart pharmacies open at 6 am on Tuesday;

On Saturday, the stores open simultaneously, but on Sundays, these stores open one hour early. Most Walmart pharmacy stores open at 10 am on Sunday.

Stores can be open on the scheduled routine if there is an emergency medical situation.

What time Does Walmart Pharmacy Close?

Walmart Pharmacy hours usually end at 9 pm, the closing time is Mondays through to Fridays.

Closing times are at 6 pm on Sunday, three hours earlier than usual. On Saturday, Walmart pharmacies close at 7 pm.

Walmart Pharmacy Senior Hours

Every Tuesday, from 6 am to 7 am, Walmart has marked out its special shopping hours for seniors (over 60-year-old).

During the novel coronavirus outbreak, this new timetable was open for the most vulnerable through the end of May 2021.

The pharmacy is scheduled to open one hour early every Tuesday for this shopping event (typically 6 am-7 am).

Walmart Pharmacy Lunch Hours

Some Walmart stores remain closed for half an hour around 1:30 pm for a lunch break.

Walmart pharmacy employees get two 15-minute breaks and one hour lunch break.

case of an 8-hour shift, you must take a 15-minute break the first four hours of your shift. Another 15 minute on the clock break in the second 4 hours of your shift.

If you are working a 6-hour shift, you will get a 15- minute break during the shift.

They allow employees to take an off for a lunch period once you finish working at least five and a half hours on the clock.

Is Walmart Pharmacy 24×7?

Not all Walmart supercenters runs 24 hours a day. Not anymore at least. 2019, Walmart made a decision to end the 24-hour service 0f around 100 stored across USA.

Walmart pharmacy lock up somewhere between 10 pm to 12 am and reopens at 6 am. Walmart Omnichannel ( sales and warehouses readies the shipments and necessary during this time.

Walmart Pharmacy Hours Near Me

Proximity is one of the most essential features of a pharmacy store. These medicine supercenters need to be comfortable to visit a time of utmost necessity. And Walmart designed a well-established location plan.

Three navigation plans could work-

1. STORE DIRECTORY by Walmart Pharmacy

To find the store schedule near you, follow these steps below-

STEP- 1: navigate the official website of Walmart pharmacy: Pharmacy | Online Rx Refills –

STEP-2: Scroll down the website and you will find STORE DIRECTORY with a bunch of other options. Click on the directory.

STEP-3: You will find a list of states where Walmart stores are situated the U.S. click on the state you are from. For example- click on Alabama.

STEP-4: A list will show with Walmart stores Alabama. Select the nearby place you are in. for example- click on Adamsville.

STEP- 5: There you go. Here, you will find the exact location written on the web page that you are searching for. addition, there is a phone number on the website and live direction.

You can call the store to know about detailed information, or you can directly go to the nearby store you found.

On the webpage, there is a store overview written. You can easily access the latest store updates, service hours, and contact info as pharmacy opening and closing time, pickup and delivery, and more.

Also, you can refill your prescription from here.

On this page, you can also see a find items option. You can easily search for any item, precisely a medical thing, if you want to.

There is also a weekly ad and some news and events on this page to keep you updated.

STEP- 6: if you think it is the wrong address, you can always click on Find Another Store right under the address you just found. Or you can repeat the whole process described so far.

Walmart Pharmacy On Google Map

Google Maps can be used to locate Walmart hours. Click the “Maps” link at the top of To see a map and text, enter “Walmart Pharmacy”. To view the pharmacy hours of a particular store, please select it. Below is a map showing similar results, explaining Walmart pharmacy hours and giving contact information.

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