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Name: Download Naija M Moble Wordpress Theme
Category: Wordpress Theme
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Submitted by: Kingsolomon
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Views: 555
Version: 1.0
MD5: 2cfee1222aa64386e24233aa1a74b77b
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Average rating: 4.5
[Image: Pics-Art-07-07-01-30-58.jpg]
1. Full homepage Customization
2. Front end Pages
3.Trending post
4.Recent post
5.Mobile Responsive 
6.SEO Friendly 
7. Stylish homepage
and many more
8. Theme Option
9. Trending Post From Specific Post
10. 100% GOOD & WORKING

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08-11-2020, 09:32 AM

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">
<meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 14">
<meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 14">



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01-07-2020, 12:57 PM

good work is done here. thanks for sharing

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