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This Is Why Highly Intelligent People Prefer To Be Alone
This Is Why Highly
Intelligent People Prefer To
Be Alone.

You have probably noticed that intelligent
people usually spend their time alone. This
was a common trait of geniuses
throughout history and many people
wondered why.

However, scientists have
managed to explain this.

Exercise is a great way to reduce anxiety
and you can improve your emotional
wellbeing by staying away from social
media. Being in nature makes you feel
relaxed as well as being surrounded with
friends. However, this is not the case with
intelligent people.

Intelligent people usually don’t socialize
the same way most people do. Normal Li
and Satoshi Kanazawa are scientists that
confirmed this fact. Their findings
included research about evolutionary
psychology according to which our minds
evolved as a result of solving problems.

Intelligent people were more successful at
solving problems when they spent time
alone rather than when getting help from

The relation between friendship,
population density, intelligence and
modern happiness

One study compared the results from
16,000 people aged 18-20. The examined
factors included life satisfaction, health
and intelligence. It was discovered that
being surrounded dense groups of
people causes unhappiness and being
surrounded by close group of friends
brings happiness. However, these results
did not apply to intelligent people.

The Savanna Theory of happiness

Kanazawa and Li have explained their
findings with the help of a theory called
Savanna theory of happiness. It is based
on life satisfaction not just because of
current situations, but also due to
ancestor’s reaction in the past. This theory
comes from evolutionary psychology that
explains how our brains have evolved
because of environmental conditions.

However, these changes were happening
before humanity developed agriculture.

This is the reason why our brains don’t
respond that well to modern society.

Modern era factors included population
density and the frequency of socializing.

We live in very densely populated areas
compared to our ancestors and we spend
less time with people as well. This is why
most people are happier with the things
they find natural, spending more time
with friends and less time with other

This is true except for intelligent people.
Geniuses have unusual preferences
compared to others. Kanazawa explains
that for humans it is natural to seek out
friends, but intelligent people don’t do
that. Geniuses also don’t experience the
benefits from friendship even though
they don’t socialize that often.

This research has focused on the reason
why we adapted to the quality of
intelligence. Scientists claim that our
intelligence comes from the evolution of
problem solving. Our ancestors relied on
friends in order to survive, but intelligent
people were able to solve problems on
their own. So, people who don’t need any
help from friends are not weird, in fact
they are very intelligent.

Not wanting to socialize does not
always mean you are a genius

However, the need to stay alone is not
always linked to high intelligence. Even
though these people have adapted to
living in densely populated area, it is
probably because of their ability to adapt
to every situation until they feel
comfortable. Loners are not always lonely
or depressed. So, instead of judging
someone, think about it first, they actually
may be a special person.

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