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The 8 Personality Traits of Strong People That Are Difficult to Understand
The 8 Personality Traits of
Strong People That Are
Difficult to Understand.

Strong personality can be intimidating
and people don’t often understand it.

Some may even shy away and be afraid of
making contact with these people. If you
have a strong personality you might seem
dominating, rude or scary, but this is not
who you actually are. Strong people tend
to be very gentle and never want to
dominate. If you are one of them, you
have probably noticed that some people
seem intimidated when you are around,
but this is because it is difficult for them
to understand your personality. You are
very comfortable with yourself and you
don’t need anyone’s approval.

8 Main personality traits of strong people
and why people are afraid of you

1.You don’t tolerate excuses

Strong people hate listening to excuses
and when people whine about how
difficult something is to achieve. Making
excuses is a waste of time for them and
they would rather focus harder on
overcoming those difficulties instead of
just complaining about them. Strong
people will never have a negative attitude
and will work on fixing the situation
instead of thinking what went wrong.

2.You don’t easily let people in your life

Strong people don’t need others just to
feel better because they don’t seek
anyone’s approval. They are perfectly fine
on their own and are very picky about
their friends. Strong people will make sure
the person they open up to is worth it
and will not find just anyone because they
are good at validating themselves without
anyone’s help.

3.They don’t like small talk

People with strong personality also hate
small talk because they think it is not
productive. They would rather share ideas
and knowledge instead of just talking
about anything and everything. You might
avoid gossip and endless discussions that
don’t lead anywhere and you would
rather spend your time doing something
productive instead.

4.You don’t tolerate ignorance and

Having a strong personality and a
dominating one is very different. A
dominating personality comes from lack
of knowledge while the strong is related
to education and thoughtfulness. Strong
people spend a lot of time focusing on
positive things and they would never
accept people who are insensitive or
ignorant, as well as those who jump to
conclusions and are always judging

5.You are a great listener

Strong people are always ready to listen
and would never ignore you. People
always value this trait because they are so
used to be ignored that it is surprising for
them to find someone who will sit down
and hear them out.

6.You are not an attention seeker

Since strong people are satisfied by
themselves, they will never look for other
people’s attention. They don’t see the
point of being the center of attention
because they might feel like their energy
is drained afterwards. Instead, they would
rather stay aside and take care of

7.You are fearless

This does not mean strong people don’t
think before doing something scary, but
they are much more courageous
compared to others. They are never
overwhelmed by fear and they know how
to control it in order to continue.

8.You see insecurities as opportunities

Strong people also have insecurities but
they consider them a chance to grow and
become better. Nobody is perfect and
flawless, but it is important how we
accept these insecurities. Strong people
will never let them prevent the future
success in life.

Strong people are definitely difficult to be
around probably because of their honesty
and openness. However, they tend to be
very good friends and will always
challenge others to do their best. Having
such a friend is a blessing and you should
be happy about it.

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