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Shared Mybb Mydownload version 3.0
MyDownloads is the best and most powerful downloads manager for MyBB. Many features of this plugin have been financed by Tatsuto.

  • AdminCP
    • Lots of Settings to customize plenty of features
    • Manage categories and downloads
      • Many sub-category levels
      • Permissions to view, download and submit items
    • Logs (ratings, downloads and comments)
    • Submissions - downloads that have been submitted by users and are awaiting approval
    • PayPal Logs - payment logs
    • Reported Items
    • Tags
  • [size=undefined]Font End[/size]
    • (Optional) Most recent downloads box on index and portal
    • Home page with stats: most downloaded, most viewed, most rated
    • Many sub-category levels
    • Users can submit their own downloads (either file or download links)
    • Users can submit their own downloads
    • Users can comment downloads
    • Users can rate downloads
    • Download authors can upload (through drag and drop) multiple previews for their downloads and can set one as cover.
    • Users can manage their submissions (edit and delete)
    • Users can report downloads.
    • Supports PayPal and NewPoints.
    • Users can search downloads in all categories or speficic categories.
    • Users can associate tags with their downloads and filter downloads by tags.
(some screenshots are from the previous version, for MyBB 1.6; many new features have been added and design improvements made)
[Image: PFjIPLHs.png] [Image: EG1G1ISs.png] [Image: 8NhRzfNs.png] [Image: SEPerdxs.png]
[Image: KbdQRE5s.png] [Image: tS8Gh8vs.png] [Image: otIiT42s.png] [img=0x0][/img]

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