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PSO EP 1 & 2 along with also the Plus version and I played with with

Always thought when that happened in meseta pso2 first, it was so badass! That's a really little thing though. I felt like I was playing a remake of the original PSO sometimes, complete with enhanced graphics and gameplay that was revamped. I will say it does eliminate Phantasy Star Online 2 using its own special identity occasionally, but I still like it. I hope all of you guys have fun whether you perform on the Japanese or America servers.

PSO EP 1 & 2 along with also the Plus version and I played with with. Countless thousands of hours with solo and friends and my brother. After we got a GC, it had been most of my childhood. I really like the feel. It seems so much as the games while having that feel. The issues I had with installing were simple to repair. Just had to complete my win10 update and that was all. Not too much completed levelling so far, but I'm still trying to get to know everything in a expanded on game than the originals. It's not Pay to Acquire, but it's certainly Pay to Love. Not having complete access is also pretty shitty. The cap on Orders are grating and tedious to manage also. I am sure there are things worth mentioning but those are my most important grievances.

The Phantasy Star Online 2 NA PC release

1 look at the reddit will give you a rough idea, but basically Phantasy Star Online 2 launched on the windows shop, and each significant problem stems from it. Aside from the fact that the PC version released a whopping 3 months following the xbox one without a beta to check anything, the servers were flooded to full capability (For comparison, the server blocks generally had 2-3 complete per ship and now virtually every single one got pushed past capability and they needed to add nearly 40 more cubes to every ship. Quite literally 90% of the playerbase was PC players awaiting patiently.) Nevertheless, the real shitshow isn't that they didn't think to open a different ship to meet with the demand, or even the fact that the NA version is very badly optimized (weirdly enough the Japanese version apparently does not possess the framerate problems NA has).

The real major problem is for the majority of gamers Phantasy Star Online 2 will delete itself after you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 outside and choose PERMISSIONS AWAY FROM THE USER. People have been spending hours and it seems like everybody has their own unique problem. People have had to  change windows permissions for folders, so I have seen documents be deleted and deleted randomly by the computer itself and seemingly users experience issues where Phantasy Star Online 2 will somehow retain the used data that was just deleted, so there is like 70 gb of cheap PSO2 Meseta

worthless data consumed in your hard drive that you can't get rid of without a powershell script.


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