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Posted by Saint on July 30th, 2019 Under Tech

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Yamaha Digital Interface is a sound transmission format. YDIF is the abbreviation used to refer to this audio transmission format. It is used to send and receive audio signals and a world clock. The devices using this format are connected in a loop formation with the use of Ethernet cables. This format has become an industry-standard, since its introduction. That is because of the advantages it offers in terms of flexibility and cost compared to already available digital formats.YAMAHA DIGITAL INTERFACE (YDIF)
What’s New in YDIF?
Every day thousands of tracks are recorded. Musicians, artists, enthusiasts, etc. use various devices for filtering, tuning and processing their recorder voice. Now as the requirements grow, the system and devices become complex and costly. To cut down this cost and to add more flexibility to the whole work of recording and mixing, Yamaha has introduced it’s brand new YDIF.

Using YDIF you can transfer up to 16 channels of digital audio and world clock between mixers. The cabling of this interface is done in a ring formation. This type of connection keeps the 16 channels traveling in the system. Now, one would like to know, how many devices can be included and what the permissible separation between two connected devices is. We can connect devices kept up to 30 meters apart using YDIF. But, a maximum of 8 devices which are equipped with YDIF can be connected. However, these should be connected in distribution mode with at least one MTX/MRX processor
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