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Latest How To Get Free Backlink From 2019
Building Backlink’s to your blog is one major problem for bloggers. But getting a backlink from Mozilla should not be a problem after reading this article.

This day’s people create blogs and website on a daily basis. Creating a blog is not a problem.

Maintaining and keeping it updated with unique content is the key problem.

Now back to backlink.

I have talked about getting high PR backlink from Edu and from other high authority sites.

Hear my advice.

Stop building comments backlink. Google is now smart enough and such backlink is now regarded as spamming.

Imagine a post with 300 comments, and almost all the 300 comments are links. If you were to be google, will you consider such links as useful?

I guess the answer is no.

Let me give you an example, check this link and read through the comments section. Can you see the comments are all link? Google will only take you as a spammer.

So whenever you see such, move on without commenting, don’t add your link. To me, comment backlink is dead. Let’s focus on creating a profile back-linking.

What is a profile backlink?

When you visit a website and create an account with them. Then you fill your profile with your complete details and add your website link. That is a profile backlink.

Whenever your profile gets viewed, your details and the website link will display. The link is clickable and will link back to your website.
Now we are going to create a do-follow profile backlink from
As at today, 21 of January 2019. Mozilla is rank 183 in the world, and 292 in the United States.

Steps To Getting Backlink From
Click here to follow steps:-

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