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If a Woman Has These 14 Qualities, Never Let Her Go
People often wonder if they have made
the right choice when it comes to their
partner. They are sometimes not sure if
they want to spend the rest of their life
with that person. Love and relationships
have puzzled scientists from all over the
world. They are trying hard to find out
what are the things that keep people
together longer and how to make a
relationship last long and be happy.
According to these studies, the following
14 female qualities and behaviors indicate
that the woman is the right one.
1.She is smarter than you
If you want to spend the rest of your life
with your partner, make sure she is smart
and intelligent. Smart women have been
proven to protect men from dementia
later in life. A smart partner will keep
challenging you intellectually which means
your mental capabilities will remain
healthy longer.
2.She is honest
We all make bad choices and mistakes
from time to time. However, being with a
person who will always make sure you go
back on the right track and tell you when
you are wrong is extremely important.
Having an honest partner is crucial if you
want to have a long lasting relationship.
3.She has a positive outlook
If your partner always tries to find the
silver lining of every situation, never let
her go. Being around negative people will
affect negatively on both your physical
and mental health.
4.She compromises
Being in a healthy relationship means you
will encounter disagreements and minor
arguments from time to time. They are a
completely normal part of a relationship
as long as both partners are prepared to
compromise. The willingness to make
sacrifices will reflect positively on your
relationship and marriage.
5.She laughs at your jokes
For men, it is particularly important that
their partner laughs at their jokes. If your
woman already does this, take good care
of her.
6.She has an open heart
Open hearted people and those who
share personal information are
considered much more attractive. One
study has shown that open hearted
people are perceived as more attractive by
7.She supports your goals and pursues
her own
Scientists have tried to determine
whether men prefer marrying weak
women. However, this myth was
debunked and it was discovered that
successful and educated women get
married just the same as others. Having
such woman by your side will support
and motivate you to become a better
person and she will be able to take care of
8.She has a good relationship with her
When you are considering marrying
someone, first you need to take a good
look at how they treat their parents.
Because you should expect the same
treatment in the future. Scientists have
discovered that the relationship with the
parents reflects on the intimate
relationship as well, whether it is positive
or negative.
9.She is kind
Kindness and generosity are very
important for a healthy relationship. Being
thankful for having your partner and for
everything they do for you as well as
letting them know you appreciate them, is
very important if you want to make your
relationship or marriage last long.
10.She remains calm in fights and also
calms you down
Having occasional fights is normal for
every relationship and the lack of
disagreement is not a sign of a stable
relationship. However, what is important
is how you handle your disagreements
and how fast you return to the previous
state. According to one study, if the
woman calms down first during the
argument she can transfer the calmness
to the man, but not the other way around.
11.She does foolish things with you
A long term study of the University of
Michigan with 4864 married individuals
showed that the happiest couples where
those who drank alcohol together. Of
course this doesn’t mean that alcoholics
are happier partners. “It could be that
couples that do more leisure time
activities together have better marital
quality,” says Kira Birditt, author of the
12.She has a life of her own
It is essential for both partners to have
their own private space and time
including separate friends, different
interests and hobbies they don’t have to
enjoy together. This is a sign you are both
independent individuals with your own
beliefs and interests and you are a couple
because you complete each other, not
because you didn’t have another option.
13.She accepts your flaws
Criticizing your partner will definitely push
them away from you. And you should
never tolerate such behavior towards you.
If your woman accepts you just the way
you are, you are definitely a lucky man.
14.She does not bear grudges
Being with a woman who knows how to
forgive people will definitely keep her by
your side longer. This does not mean you
should take advantage of her because she
will never let you cross the limits. We all
make mistakes, often without the
intention, and having a forgiving partner
will help you realize them sooner and also
give you a chance to correct yourself.

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