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How to Optimize Your PDF Files to Get a Featured Snippet 2019
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A while back, Google only used content from websites to get a featured snippet. At the time, most of the web owners and managers solely focused on creating the appropriate HTML files. Today, however, Google has embraced diversity because PDF files can now get featured snippets. As a result, digital marketers who rely on PDFs to create content can now employ the best practices to helps optimize their PDFs to receive featured snippets.
Here are some of the most effective strategies that you could employ.
1. Have an appropriate title and file name
If you wish to optimize your PDF files to get a features snippet, then it is imperative for you to come up with a suitable title and file name. It should be SEO friendly for your PDF file to appear above other results in a search engine. To come up with an appropriate name, you have to conduct adequate research to find out the most relevant keywords
2. Optimize on the mobile experience
Initially, mobile phones were never meant for viewing PDF files. However, over time applications have been developed and people can now view such files using their smartphones. That notwithstanding, the majority of people use their phones to surf the internet as opposed to using a desktop.
As a result, you need to ensure that the mobile user experience is good. You can do that by formatting your PDF files so that the texts are aligned on the left side. Nobody wants to scroll on different angles to view the files. You can also use bold text, sub-headers, and bullet points to make your files more user-friendly.
3. Keep your file size as small as possible
Another effective strategy that will see your PDF files get a featured snippet is by keeping the file size as small as you can. The smaller the size of a file, the better it is for SEO. Larger files take longer to load, and they may negatively influence the user experience. Nobody wants to spend ten minutes waiting for a file to load, while, they can get similar content on a file that loads in a minute.
4. Link the PDF files to your website
You can also optimize by linking your files to your website. By doing so, you alert the search engines that the content on your site is relevant. You can also employ useful SEO strategies such as adding internal links to help boost traffic to your site. When PDF files are linked in a website, search engines will index them. this is one tip that is often overlooked, but one which can help you get amazing results.
5. Have PDF and HTML versions of the content
Another way to optimize PDF files for SEO is by having an HTML and PDF version available. This could have positive results on your site and possibly generate more traffic. Ensure that the landing page takes the HTML format.
6. Use keywords in the document description
Keywords play a significant role in ranking content higher on such engines. As a result, you need to use your keywords strategically to help your documents get a featured snippet. Ensure that your files’ descriptions have the most relevant keywords.
7. Have compelling content
Search engines crawl in search of high-quality content. And this is one of the things that helps provide higher SEO rankings. Therefore, you should not compromise on the quality of your writing if you want your PDFs to get a featured snippet. Ensure to write informative content every time.
8. Exercise patience
You should not expect your PDF files to get featured snippets immediately you post them. No. Take your time to find the most relevant content, then employ proper strategies to help Google index your content.
Everybody wants their content to rank higher on search engines, especially now that Google allows PDF files to get a featured snippet. For that to happen, however, you must employ the most appropriate strategies, such as those mentioned above. You also have to ensure that your PDF files have high-quality and relevant content to enhance their chance of getting a featured snippet.
#Source: mybloggertricks.com
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