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How Do You Build a Targeted Email List From Scratch?
There are a lot of list building methods talked about that can be used to build a targeted email list, but unfortunately, in order to use these methods, you first have to have a list! A small list of even 250 would do, but my question is -- how do you go purchase email list from a list of ZERO to 250? How do you get your first hundred? In fact, how do you get your first TEN?!
There has to be ways for the total beginner to start building his targeted email list. I have read a million articles titled: How to build email list - and it seems that they describe methods and tricks that will definitely get your list to grow... But they leave out the part about how to get those first few names.
Gee, once I get 250 names, there will be plenty of ideas and advice. But for now, I'm treading alone in dark waters.
Finally, I came across the best way to accomplish this targeted list building. Remember the list is pretty useless if it is not a targeted email list. So any ideas of going out and buying your traffic is bad, bad, bad. This has to be a special list of people, targeted in my niche, not just anybody.
Well, here it is: The best way I found to build an email list is writing articles for article directories. It is very effective, but time-consuming. However, in my case, time is something I can afford! That is the beauty of this FREE method. You write several articles about topics in your niche, and then distribute them to what are called "article directories". The people that are interested in your subject will be the ones that read them. This is how you are targeting a certain audience.
These article directories are like a library with tons of articles that people have written. People come here to search out their interest and learn more about their particular subject. So your article gets read and the people are exposed to your website link in the article.
Most article directories only allow you to put your website link in the signature box at the bottom of the article. But if your readers are interested in what you had to say, they will click the link to your website for more information. And there, of course, they will find the opt in box and the offer in exchange for their email address. That's how it works.[Image: buy-uk-email-list.png]
Also, publishers come to article directories that are looking for material that they can swipe and publish on their own websites. That's the agreement - that as long as they leave your signature box intact, with your links, then they can use it on their own sites.
This is where the value comes in. Imagine how a well written and interesting article can be spread all over the internet. Complete with your signature box and links. Now, from only one article, you could end up with dozens of visitors to your website! And the signups begin!
So, writing several articles and getting them distributed all over the internet, with your website link, is the best way to start bringing in the traffic.
I found another way also, that is a little easier, and almost as effective as article writing. This other method is fully explained, step by step, in a List Building eBook I will let you have for free at my website. Be sure to check it out!

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