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Hot Strategies to follow in order to be successful in blogging
As we know blogging has become the trending this 2019 everybody wants to blog and become a blogger but they are not interested in following the guidelines, well no matter how they try to avoid the guide, without it they can’t be successful in blogging.

They are simple strategies to follow in blogging which will make blogging easier and more fun to you.
strategies to follow in blogging

1. Schedule your blogging
Blogging everyday can be stressful and will make you blank because nothing to write. You will be tempted to copy and paste which is bad for SEO, I’m not saying you can’t copy and paste but don’t do it regularly and always leave backlink to the original post so it won’t hurt your seo.

2. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
This is very powerful learn to use it, most of our traffic comes from social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because people use this social networks regularly. So when it comes to strategies to follow in blogging, its the perfect way to boost your website and traffic.
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