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Familiars are highly recommended

Is it worth it promoting DFS for Claws? I got spare cash in my kingdom (like 4M in there ATM) so any other protect besides DFS/Ely/Divine/Chaotic? My inven is going to 

RuneScape gold

comprise 5 brews, super assault, super power, and then like three superb restores and one prayer potion, together with the remainder being rocktails. I have a tortoise which I will fulfill rocktails. With AGS and authentic article gear I got two solo (including minions). The arrangement you kill them depends upon if you would like to tank Supreme or not. The fastest method is to simply alternate between Rex/Supreme on a 2k planet with cannon shooting, then array Prime should you receive any time whereas both Rex and Supreme are lifeless, or even only let cannon (and/or titan) kill Prime. Titan hits very correctly on Supreme but not as much on Rex. Prime is quite weak to titan, but maybe not as much as Supreme.

Ideal gear are Nex armours and chaotics, surgebox and arc stream when maging for the increased harm and Divine/Elysian/Chaotic/Drag defender for Supreme, based on whether you're comfortable flashing soul divide while Prime is about you or not. A lot of cannonballs will probably be wasted on Spinolyps, so plenty of individuals prefer to not utilize a cannon, but it does speed it up a whole lot.

If you don't need to 

Cheap RS gold

tank Supreme, don't attract a cannon (or if you do, then timing your kills/placement perfectly so cannon just hits Prime or Rex (or even Prime dies before Supreme spawns and visa versa)) and first kill you tank 3 (or only Prime/Supreme if Rex does not spot you) while praying mage/turmoil. Subsequently kill Rex and Prime fast when Rex expires, then execute and kill Supreme before copying.


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Familiars are highly recommended - by Smarthuiyuan - 02-05-2021, 06:38 AM

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