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Emails of Pastors in The US
The field of Christian Counseling is growing. The need for professionals that can help others deal with difficult life challenges is expanding. If you are the type of person that others just naturally seem to seek out and tell their secrets to Emails of Pastors in The US

, then you would likely make a terrific counselor.

This temperament, combined with proper training and guidance, can be the foundation for becoming a professional that can truly change the lives of others, by the grace of God.
Becoming a Christian Counselor is a worthy and attainable goal. In the past, one would have to matriculate at a brick and mortar university or seminary and dedicated years to study and a pay a significant price.
Today, through the Internet and advances in education, it is entirely feasible to obtain a real, empowering education in the field of Pastoral Counseling using a distance learning format. Telephones, email, webinars, videophones, and the postal system combine to provide complete educational systems to those called.
There are dozens of on-line schools now offering training for Christian Counselors. Some are self-admitted diploma mills. If you find yourself being offered a certification and a license for $100, ask yourself what it is really worth. How much useful education are you going to be able to purchase for $100?
Be sure to do the homework. Research the quality of the coursework. Ask if your degree will come from an accredited educational institution. Find out who is actually doing the accrediting.. There are accreditation mills for the diploma mills. There are well established organizations that certify Christian educational institutions.
Realize that Pastoral Christian Counseling is a ministry of religion. So the standards and the accrediting agencies are different. It would be inappropriate for a religious institution to seek accreditation from a secular accreditation organization, or vice-versa.
As a Certified Pastoral counselor people will be trusting you with their intimate information about their lives. Prove yourself worthy and become properly trained before undertaking this wonderful work. People will make very important decision based on what you say and do. It is just so important to be sure you get your education right.

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