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Check out 10 Qualities Only Unique People Have
Here are 10 Qualities Only Unique
People Have.

Carl Jung was a famous Swiss psychiatrist
who spent a lot of his life examining
human psychology and the mystery
behind it. In one of his books, he
mentions the term INJF which is short for
Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and
Judging. He claims that only 1% of people
possess all of these qualities.

Take a look
at them and see whether you are one of
the unique people who share these

1.You only focus on important things

Unique people always know what their
next goal is, and they are entirely focused
on it. They will never let anything distract
them, and even if they fail they will always
find new ways to reach the same goal.

2.You are a hard-working person

If you spend a lot of your time working
on your dreams and goals, you are
definitely one of those people. These
people will give their maximum into
everything they do.

3.You believe your gut

Your gut feeling is your most reliable
guide. This quality is related to intuition
which is the reason why you are so good
at trusting your inner instinct.

4.You only have a few close friends

INJF people don’t enjoy being a part of a
large group of friends. They prefer having
a smaller circle of close people who they
trust because they value quality more than

5.You are empathetic

Empaths have the ability to feel other
people’s emotions and they are excellent
at understanding and helping others. INJF
people are positive and full of love for
those who need it the most.

6.You can easily read others

INJF people can easily see through
someone’s intentions without thinking
too much about it. They can read body
language even before someone says a
single word.

7.You are a visionary

INJF people have a clear vision on the
future and try are always trying to find
ways to improve it. Most INJF people are
scientists because they have open minds
and a completely different mindset
compared to ordinary people.

8.You are inspiring

INJF people should always be considered
as an example for current and future
generations because of their amazing
leadership qualities.

9.You love to write

Since INJF people don’t enjoy spending
time in crowds, they usually express
themselves the best when they write
down their thoughts on a piece of paper.
This activity helps them get away from
reality and to manage stress.

10.You are a problem solver

INJF people are excellent at managing
difficulties because even the most
complicated problems seem like a
challenge to them. They will try to find a
way to make things work because they
always think outside the box.

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