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Business ideas that can increase your side-income
As an ex- student, many years ago, I know what is like to ‘swim’ across the four walls of a university.
Running to mom, dad, friends and relations for upkeep and school needs was not an easy thing.
Today, internet and technology is now here.
Do you know you can utilize some of the data on your android phone as a business tool?
You can increase your side income without sweating and needing to running helter skelter.
Run a Referral Business
For freelancing, you could also outsource most of the work and run a referral service, instead of being the hamster in the wheel.
You land the gigs, and then pass them on to other freelancers at a slightly lesser rate and everybody wins.
How do you do it?
Do you have a sizeable number of followers on your facebook, Twitter, instagram and any social media handle?
Do you belong to a community and social media platform such as facebook group, linkdln groups?
Promote a hot-selling service that people would want to contact you such as Website design, assignment and course writer, beauty products to buy at discounted prices, product and service promotion services, content and article writing etc
If after agreeing with the client, contact gigs providers on
You still supervise and approve the final results, and you are the main contact for the client, but you don’t actually do the work.
Instead, you focus on marketing and landing ever more gigs, constantly increasing your earnings while working less.
It is as easy as that.
See you soon for more ways to increase your side income.
Have a great day.

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