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6 Easy Steps On How to Write a Blog About Home Improvement
[Image: IdtvfLi3X3gjAPOn1bNMENHqOt9w8yyNTo9lUK2o...K_PGcPBb1w]
The concept of blogging is not new to marketers or writers. In fact, the first blog is believed to have been written by a Swarthmore College student back in 1994. In the 25 years since then, businesses have learned the value of taking to the internet to share thoughts and develop trust with their customers. By definition, a blog is intended to generate awareness about either you, the writer or the brand for which are writing about. Blogs, when well written, do a tremendous job of establishing authority and building trust.

If you are in the home improvement business, and you do not yet have a regular blog process, you are missing out. Blogs drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO (search engine optimization), position your company as a leader in the industry, and helps you to develop better relationships with your customers. For home improvement companies, in particular, your blog could include a how-to article, a recommendation on the best tools to get the job done, the top renovations popular to today’s homeowners, and so much more. There really is no limit on the number of topics that you could share with your customers. As long as your content is relevant, engaging, and accurate, it will do nothing but create benefits for your business.
Six easy steps to write your home improvement blog
To write a practical home improvement blog, you need to follow some key steps.
  1. Understand your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is, or what is important to them, it will be very difficult to develop a successful blogging strategy. An easy way to do this is to take a look at the website of your closest competition. Do they have a blog? What are they writing about? Leverage your competition’s ideas to get you started, but then work to get ahead of them for future projects.

  2. Many businesses find that a great way to differentiate themselves is through their brand voice. For example, if you are a This Old House fan, make references to Bob Villa once or twice in each article. If you are a female home improvement expert, think about writing with a smart and sassy tone. If you love to tell jokes, find some great home improvement jokes (that are appropriate and relevant) that you can weave into your content. They key is to make sure that your voice and tone will resonate with your customers, and that it will differentiate you from every other blog that is out there.

  3. Determine where your blogs will be housed. If your website has the capability of hosting a blog, that is the logical choice. Just ensure that it can scale along with you as you develop more and more content. Then, once you have a place to house your content, ensure you have social media channels that you can use to promote the content. Encourage your employees and friends to help promote the content too, especially if they have followers that align with your target audience.

  4. Include relevant imagery. While there are a variety of stock image websites out there, when writing a home improvement blog, it is best if you can take your own photos and leverage those to complement the writing. It is possible to take very high-quality photos today with an iPhone or another smartphone device, and there are several editing apps that can help you to make your images look polished and professional. If your budget allows, consider having a professional photographer come in to take photos of you and your employees at work. Ask for a variety of candid shots. These images now are yours and yours only and can become part of your image library both for your website and for your future web posts.

  5. If it makes sense for your business, look for affiliate partnerships where you can promote your business, but also that of someone else. For example, if you have a preferred brand of power tools that you use for all of your projects, work in reference to at least one of their tools in every post, and reference to where you can buy that tool (on Amazon, preferably). Over time, you may be able to get compensated as an influencer for purchases that are made when your visitors click from your website. If you are in the business of kitchen renovations, mention various kitchen countertop materials that are popular for today’s homeowners, and offer links back to where customers can get more information, or make a purchase.

  6. Don’t be afraid to outsource your blog writing and editing. Not everyone is a great writer or proofreader. If you are ready to start blogging for your business, but can’t take the time away from your other work, or you know that writing is not in your book of talents, there are a variety of third-party sites that can introduce you to freelance writers and editors. Simply set your budget, identify your topic and keywords, and list your job. Before you know it, freelance writers will be coming to you, asking to take on the assignment. Try out a few writers, and once you find a great fit, give them repeated work. You’ll find that you’ll be swimming in engaging content in no time.
Five great topics for your first home improvement blog posts
If you are struggling to get started on your first home improvement blog post, don’t fret, as the first piece is always the hardest. The list below provides some suggestions for some blog topics to get you started. With each of these, it should be easy for you or your hired freelance writer to prepare at least 1000 words of SEO-friendly content, that are full of relevant keywords.
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