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5 Traditional Different Processing Methods
<p>The temperature of the food is raised to a level which inhibits the growth of bacteria, inactivates enzymes or even destroys viable bacteria. Traditional wet cooking methods include blanching, boiling, steaming and pressure cooking. Dry cooking methods include baking, frying and roasting. In newer techniques, heat is applied by electro-magnetic radiation such as microwaves.<br><br>The temperature of the aliment is bargain to apathetic abasement of the aliment either through bacterial advance amentia or inactivation of enzymes with deteriorative effects. Traditional cooling methods cover algidity area temperatures are about 5 °C, and freezing, area temperatures are bargain to beneath -18 °C (even down to -196 °C in bartering abysmal freezers). The lower the temperature, the best foods can be stored safely. However, astringent temperature changes over abiding time periods can advance to comestible losses and breakdown of basic aliment structures such that the attributes and comestible amount of that aliment is decidedly reduced.<br><br>In drying, the baptize agreeable of bulb foods is bargain to the akin area biological reactions (like agitator action and microbial growth) are inhibited and the likelihood of aliment accident is appropriately lowered. Dehydration may be in the anatomy of freeze-drying (e.g. herbs and coffee), spray-drying (e.g. milk powder), sun-drying (e.g. tomatoes, apricots) or tunnel-drying (e.g. vegetable pieces).<br><br>The accession of alkali to foods has been acclimated for centuries as a adjustment of aliment preservation. This adjustment works on the apriorism that the alkali reduces the baptize action of the aliment getting preserved, which prevents advance of accident organisms. Depending on the blazon of food, agnate furnishings may be accomplished with sugar. It is aswell accessible to apathetic or arrest advance and annihilate assertive micro-organisms by altering the pH of the aliment<br><br>In fermentation, specific yeasts or bacteria are used to give a food its desired flavour and texture, but it is also a way of altering the biochemical characteristics of foods and thereby prevent growth of spoilage micro-organisms. Food Processing has more advantages, our Fruit Drying Machine are more convenient and save you more time, You can read about some of the Frozen Solution by click gf-machine<br><br></p>

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